Next year, witness the world’s first ever animal terminal in JFK airport, New York

If you fly into JFK Airport in New York City early next year, you may happen to walk by the world’s first ever airport terminal dedicated to our four-legged favourites. Aptly called “The Ark”, the newly developed terminal will commence operations from early 2016 and will facilitate the travel of approximately 70,000 animals annually.

The Ark will provide both airside and landside services to board, kennel, quarantine, import, export and transport large and small animals. Think dedicated climate controlled vehicles, in house dog and cat hotels and a round the clock veterinarian infirmary for your favourite ones.

ark-animal-terminal--2Services are not limited to the conventional pets; a livestock export handling system for the safe and efficient handling of cattle, goats, pigs and sheep from the vehicle to the aircraft.

The innovative project is set to cost USD 49 million and a boon for pet-lovers.

[Via – MNN]

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