For $80,000, the ‘No Time to Die’ travel experience lets you live like James Bond. Right from chasing cars to boat rides and secret missions, this experience will truly stir and shake things up.

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What would you give to live like 007 James Bond? Thousands have fantasized about living life like the peerless spy, notorious womanizer, and masculine icon. Dreams do come true, sometimes for a cost; For nearly $80,000, you can live out the best 21 days of your life across a four-country, seven-cities vacation you’ll never forget. Over the course of 21 days, guests will be enthralled by private jet travel. The opulent experience will begin at 5-star safe houses and followed by rides in luxury supercars. How could guests be served anything other than the most delectable meals skillfully prepared by Michelin star chefs?

A Bond-themed adventure cant is one with just luxuries and relaxation. That’s what island vacations are meant for. In the case of a Bond-these vacay, one can expect adrenaline-rushing activities that commence with a paintball adventure, followed by a helicopter extraction and boat ride through the Norwegian fjords. 50 very lucky (read: rich) people can book tickets and visit actual filming locations used throughout No Time to Die production. Back in London, Bond fans will get a one-of-a-kind chance to conduct a secret mission that includes guarding (and privately viewing) the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.

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The London sojourn will be oodles of fun with dinner on the London Tower Bridge, paired with a high stakes casino night in honor of the films. A stellar experience like this one ends with a bang, too- tickets to the VIP red carpet event for the London Premiere of No Time to Die. The trip is scheduled for Sept. 26 through Oct. 17 and requires travelers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Lindsay Boyd, whose travel agency is designing the trip, told Travel + Leisure, “You basically get to play Bond for the entire trip. Several filming locations from Bond movies, including the upcoming “No Time to Die” and 2012 favorite “Skyfall” are on the itinerary, with stops in Norway, Italy, and Scotland.”

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