Not by getting a coffee for the flight attendant or by using his frequent flier miles – This man from Atlanta was upgraded to first-class as he was just too tall to fit in economy seats.

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“Stand Tall, Stand Proud. Know that you are unique and magnificent. You do not need the approval of others,” said Jonathan Lockwood Huie. Beau Brown, 29, is a very tall man, 7ft 1inch to be precise, who doesn’t need anyone’s approval but certainly needs the help of a flight attendant. Owing to his towering height, Brown faces challenges in the simplest of things every day of his life. That included a recent short-haul flight to North Carolina from Georgia, where his size again became a point of discussion that could end his trip before it had even begun. Being too tall to fit on a regular seat could mean the end of the trip, but for a change, the problem turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

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He had to switch flights to a different plane where the airline bumped him up to first class to apologize for the previous plane being too small. Beau Brown has a massive following of 1.7 million on TikTok, where he regularly posts his daily life as an incredibly tall man, the challenges and benefits too. According to Lad Bible, Beau said: “Travelling is always a huge struggle for me, and flying can be seriously uncomfortable. When I boarded the plane, I’d booked an exit row seat which is usually enough space for me, but on this occasion, I was still too tall to fit. My knees touched the seats in front of me, and I was pinned in, unable to sit down or get up.”

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He continued, “I told the stewardess that I didn’t fit, and she was really lovely about it. The airport staff then told me I’d be switching flights, but they’d be bumping me up to first class which was pretty sweet. The flight was only 40 minutes, but it was a very comfortable 40 minutes compared to what would have been plain torture.” He also shared his experience of a painful and uncomfortable flight last year to Los Angeles when an upgrade was not possible. That meant being stuck in a tiny seat, with legs turned out towards the aisle all the time. This also meant being hit by stewardesses and their carts and getting complaints from co-passengers for fidgeting and adjusting on several occasions.

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Who would want to fly like that? Nonetheless, Beau doesn’t get bogged down by such instances. Instead, he loves his height and personality. The cinematographer comes from a family of tall people and wears a shoe size 18. He shared, “I really love sharing my experiences with other people on social media, and now I’ve got the following that I can earn money from posting content which is another big plus. My dream is to have a travel show which shows the complications of being 7ft tall around the world – that would be awesome!”

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