Not just luxury, First Class is also fanning air rage, a study has revealed

We can look at this as either a serious matter or a light matter. Air rage is apparently increasing, a study has revealed. Katherine DeCelles from the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management and Michael Norton from Harvard Business School came up with the conclusion that air rage is more frequent on flights that has a first class. They say that the reason could be “relatively disadvantaged status” which can “prompt negative emotions and aggressive behaviour”. If you are sporting a straight face, it is normal. If a study has been done by the finest educational institutes in the world, then you would think the subject matter has to be more grave and concerning.

This is like a play on the seven sins. Envy leading to fury leading to wrath. You enter the flights, walk in and see the First Class sit back and relax in their super-cool seats and TV screens, and orange juices and glasses of champagne and you think – “he is so lucky. I would like some fine treatment like this too. Why can I not get the same treatment? How unfair this world is!” and then you are brought back to reality by a not-so-smiley steward who kindly but sternly asks you to please move ahead as passengers are blocked from getting to their seats, while you glare at an innocent First Classer. Then the embarrassment of being caught in the act, mixed with your frustration of not having it sparks and that’s it. You blast off and then it just gets ugly. And this has become a study.

The report says that 84% of these ‘incidents’ occur in economy while 15% occur in first class. The study doesn’t say who is the worse evil – the rich man or the not-so-rich man. While the economy dudes have low self-esteem, the fights in first class have to be just fanned ego – apparently when there are more first class seats. I don’t see any sense in it though.

The aim is not clear, but the solution to this is, again two-fold. Either you make separate entries for the ‘cattle class’ or make separate flights for economy and premium classes. That is a definite bifurcation of class and while it may be discussed at a larger, global forum, people can fly without breaking into a bull fight. Some of these stewards are quite fragile you know. One blow of your trumpet could send a petite pretty girl flying to the back of the aircraft.

This is the fault of management and leaders who think they are doing the right thing by providing the best of the best to people. ONLY those who can afford it. The rest will just have to manage their issues, with their pittance of an income, and sorry life. Battles were fought due to fury you know. With success come complications. The aviation sector is at one of its most active, thriving times ever.

[ Via : Fortune ]

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