Not Zurich or London, but Hamilton, Bermuda is the most expensive city in the world

You may probably not think of Bermuda as the most expensive place to live in. But it is the island’s small and relatively lesser known capital that tops the charts as the world’s most unaffordable place to put up in. Yes, we are talking about Hamilton – a place that will give you a great standard of life, at an equally greater cost of living.

As per a list compiled by, the city claims a cost of living way higher than that of giants like New York and Dubai. An index of 120 transcends its expenses at 20 percent above those of the Big Apple, making it an unaffordable haven for many. Its midyear cost of living figures further total at 137.56 or a third more than that of New York, with its restaurant price index too being calculated to a whopping 157.77. Hamilton’s groceries price index also stalls at 125.56, almost 25 percent more than the bigger known metros.

In contrast though, Hamilton residents are said to have a higher purchasing power. As per data collected by Numbeo, the average salary in the city will pay for around 14 percent more services as compared to that in New York. This is the fourth time in a row, that Hamilton has found its way to the top of the Cost of Living charts since 2015. Close behind in the list are Swiss cities of Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva. Consider a trip to Hamilton for a bank burn?