Now Airbnb will help renovate your home for better sharing

Airbnb is making so much noise off late. It has started a revolution, a cult following of sorts and everybody seems to love it. What’s not to love? The kind of places they seek and offer is hard to ignore. Now that they have pocketed some 2.2 million homes from across the globe, offering stay for the arid traveller, Airbnb is thinking of adding a new route to its services – home designing. The company has come up with a strategy to help design rental spaces for home owners who want to be able to easily rent out their rooms. Joe Gebbia, Airbnb cofounder and chief product officer had been thinking about ‘what the shared home of the future looked like’ and he seems to have come to a decision. He hasn’t spoken much about it though, and we will have to wait until the end of the year perhaps to find out more.

future-home-designed-by-airbnb (1)
But to support this itch, the company has taken part in House Vision, an expo that takes place in Tokyo, Japan, running on the ideal – “living in a city with a new sense”. This exhibition hosts a platform for designers, architects and companies to come together and work to ‘build concept homes and installations that explore future living scenarios.’ Well if the world moves into hotel rooms, might as well get the hotel into the home.
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[ Via : Fastcoexist ]

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