Now you can rent a room at the Oxford University for just £65 a night!

Oxford University lectures may be a distant dream for most of us, but if a short stay at the prestigious institution is on your bucket list, then you’re in luck! Keble College has opened its doors to holidaymakers, offering up over 300 rooms to holidaymakers looking to enjoy the rich history and stunning architecture of the famous institution.

oxford-university-5While the students are away for the summer, the college will host tourists allowing them to rent either single en-suite rooms or doubles with access to the internet, the college bar and -at an additional cost- the regal dining hall. Visitors might well find themselves in rooms once occupied by famous Keble College alumni such as former president of the United States Ronald Reagan, former international cricketer Imran Khan or Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls.

oxford-university-3Keble College’s domestic bursar Nick French was quoted saying, “We will always be delighted to welcome visitors who want to come and explore Oxford and enjoy its historic surroundings.” And in an atmosphere rife with history and culture the visitors will most certainly be delighted as well.

oxford-university-4Potential visitors will be happy to know that a single room with a view of the quad will set them back by just £65 a night, breakfast included. A double room will be around £95 a night and the cost of dining in the beautiful dining hall is just £22! We may love a luxe lifestyle, but when a frugal holiday is on the cards this is certainly the way to do it!

[Via – Dailymail]

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