Now you can experience the Personal Jet Pack by paying by the hour

Who doesn’t want to fly? And if you are looking for wings, and wish to take the centurion’s or transformers mode of flying, then you can get yourself a jet pack and a sans a parachute or artificial wings on rent for a half-hour. The Dania Beach-based JetLev Technologies is out with the commercial version of its water-powered jet pack, which has been available for around $130,000 since 2009.

Available across resort destinations from Florida to Hawaii, this “Rocket Man” offers 15-minutes of flight in six different modes. Depending on the package you pick, be prepared to shell out between $99 to $4,000 for a full day. The JetLev is available for sale in the US for $130,000.
[More info at RideRocketman via JustLuxe]

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