On your yatch…stay in touch via E-mail

What can you do when you are cruising on your luxury yatch? Gaze at water (do you really have a choice?) well yes you do. So when you tire of plodding along at 55 miles per hour on your luxury Frauscher Lido, you can check your e-mail with the on-board system installed by Mii AG (no relation to the Wii so far as we know). The digital specialist has outfitted the Austrian-made vessel with a 15-inch display, a keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse, as well as a DVD and iTunes player.

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There’s no word on what type of computer comes with the system, but given that the Frauscher Lido costs $126,000, we doubt it’ll be a refurb from Office Depot. We hope they remembered to make everything waterproof. Well that goes without saying obviously.