Only business class airline La Compagnie scraps out London New York route, blames Brexit

With Brexit causing economic havoc for many, La Compagnie too claims to be facing its brunt. The French luxury airline recently withdrew operations on its (London) Luton to (New York) Newark route, blaming the economic slowdown in the wake of the EU referendum. Shifting base to Paris where the other half of its operations are carried out, the airline expressed deep regret in its London withdrawal.

Further, the airline aims at focusing on their original Paris to New York route which has received overwhelming response in recent times. Having run the London route only for a year, the company’s decision to shut operations is fueled by an unfortunate economic steep in spite of encouraging customer response. The airline’s last outbound flight from Luton will take off on September 24th, while those who have bookings post the official shutdown will either be offered a full refund or an option to fly off its Paris base. (However, in case of the latter, the airline fails to offer flight accommodations to passengers from London to Paris, from where they can fly outward to New York)

Though Brexit has legitimately caused monetary mayhem, many seem to take shelter under its garb for their poor performance. Ousting the airline’s Brexit excuse, Aviation Consultant, Malcolm Ginsberg blames La Compagnie’s London close out on their wrong airport, poor marketing, and a failure to offer daily service. However this isn’t the first business-class-only airline to have shut shop as Silverjet, Maxjet and Eos have also similarly ceased operations in London in the past. While La Compagnie claims this to be a temporary suspension and not a final cancelation, with a sudden move like this one (and a slight lack of service), we aren’t sure if its future revival will be met as well by Londoners again.

[ Via : Independent ]

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