Oswestry’s tourism flagship touted to have the world’s most expensive public toilets

We have earlier shown you some of the most expensive toilets in the world and here is the latest one that is touted to join this list. Though, what is unique about this toilet is that it is neither made from gold nor boasts some lavish fittings. In fact, these toilets’ expensive status can be attributed to the building’s pricey renovation, followed by the departure of the tenants. Oswestry’s tourism flagship on Oswald road was restored at the cost of around £2.1million ($3.4 million) three years ago in a renovation scheme backed by Advantage West Midlands. But with four of the six upstairs suites of offices empty and the whole of the downstairs completely vacant, critics say Oswestry now has the most expensive public toilets in history! Many occupants shut shop as they felt not much was being done by the Trust to attract visitors to the place. Thus neglect of their businesses by the Trust has left the building vacant, making it home to some of the most expensive public toilets in the world. Wonder what the members of the Cambrian Station building Trust would like to say about this.

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