Palm Islands: The world’s largest Man-Made islands

The Persian Gulf concept instituted by Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum knows no bounds, because it has been given a grand vision and intended to solve Dubai’s beach shortage. The Palm Trilogy consisting of namely, Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deira ( bigger than Paris with an area of 46.35mn sq meters) will be completed with a colossus adding a few records to Dubai’s already splendid set of man-made biggest. The concept of Palm Trilogy started with the ruler of Dubai drawing a sketch of a Palm tree, realizing its fronds would provide more beach frontage than a traditional circular island, which would, in turn, help to solve Dubai’s beach shortage. The reclaimed land in the Gulf between Dubai creek and Sharjah border will occupy an enormous expanse and once completed, the islands will be linked to the mainland by bridges that will integrate into the current road transport network as well as the planned Dubai Metro Train system. Since the commencement of development of Palm Deira in 2003, meticulous planning with improvements to suit the long-term demands in the market place has been facilitated and the reclamation has progressed to 198 mn cubic meters of sand is in place which is expected to be completed during 2013.

The Palm Deira Island will feature a balanced mix of commercial, residential apartment, mixed us of plots, and it will be a home for hundreds of thousands of residents offering villas, town houses and apartments across the various islands. The Deira is set to be hub of tourist destination and community living with it’s luxury hotels, beaches and marinas, Science museum, library, schools and other facilities to resident population. The upcoming Cityscape Abu Dhabi International Property Investment & Development Event will have over 300 projects on Display, which are following the entire Palm and other UAE megaprojects.