Paris partially opens bike-only highways

You have got to love Europe for this. Amsterdam and Copenhagen have been the most active, closely followed by Paris who is now going a mile further with a 28-mile highway for bikes – ONLY! The city just inaugurated the first stretch of its cycle superhighway, which it expects to have completed by 2020, at a cost of $164.5 million. This move will help reduce traffic, improve road experience, and also make the city a greener place.

The Réseau express vélo (REVe) opened its first stretch along the Bassin de l’Arsenal. With these express lanes government officials hope to see an increase in daily bike trips from five to 15 percent by 2020 – doubling the bike lanes from 435 to 870. This is brilliant! Nothing like a city that thinks about the spirit of its people, and a majority of those visiting it. One extra brownie for you, Monsieur!

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