Paris quoted as the most expensive city by The Economist

It’s interesting to see the effects of global recession and currency devaluations playing upon the most expensive cities in the world. You will be astounded to know that Paris, which has never taken the #1 position in recent years, has taken the trophy for the most expensive city in the world during the survey conducted by Economist Intelligence Unit. The survey analyses the cost of living in 132 cities worldwide by such categories as housing, food, and transportation. Mumbai, which stood at 130th position in the 2009 survey, fell back by one position this year. [Oslo], which stood in the #1 position in the 2009 list, fell back two positions to #3 this year.
Roll over for the complete list of the world’s 10 most expensive cities:-

1. Paris, France
2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Oslo, Norway
4. Frankfurt, Germany
5. Milan, Italy
6. Sydney, Australia
7. London, U.K.
8. Dublin, Ireland
9. Chicago, U.S.A
10. Shanghai, China

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