Ponant Americas presents the world’s first underwater Blue eye lounge

Underwater luxury is restricted to a bare minimum or at least so we thought. Getting scrambled up in submarines or going scuba diving aren’t the only means of experiencing marine life in its true form and beauty. Here to help you absorb every bit of the aquatic world’s wonders is Ponant Americas – a luxury cruise line that has recently unveiled the world’s very first underwater lounge unlike ever seen or known before!

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Located 2.5 meters beneath the water line, the explorer vessel is designed to provide inhabitants with a very rich and unique underwater experience. Christened as the Blue Eye lounge, this aqua wonder is a result of a collaboration between the Ponant and French architect and oceanographer – Jacques Rougerie. The exotic lounge consists of two giant curved portholes (1.6 metres x 3.4 metres), designed in the shape of a cetacean eye that consist of “body vibrating sofas” as well as sound transmitters that perfectly catch and play the music of the ocean for the lucky on boarders.

The lounge also consists of underwater projectors that claim to be non-intrusive to the marine biosphere while allowing guests to enjoy the mesmerizing views of subaquatic organisms from the ocean decks. The new Blue eye lounge in its 127 meters’ length can accommodate up to 184 passengers in 92 cabins and it will be made available on four new luxury yachts, the first two of which (Le Lapérouse and Le Champlain) will be launched in 2018, followed by Bougainville and Le Dumont-d’Urville in 2019. And in case we forgot to mention, each of these ships will also feature a resistance infinity pool, a sundeck and a three-position marina platform! You couldn’t have asked for a better vacay on the waters!


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