Qatar Airways to announce Super Business Class seat in November

Everyone is doing it, so why won’t we? Felt Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways. Hence, from either later this year or early next, Qatar Airways will offer a new ‘super business class’. The design, which is patented for QA, will have sliding doors to make the seat a suite-like cabin. The middle seats will also have double beds. The design is meant to fill the gap between Business Class and First Class travelling. Baker feels this will be a very special design, something that no one has seen before and which everyone will love. He is known to be a man of his words, so this can be an exciting wait. He also noted that, unlike in private suites, there will not be a sense of claustrophobia in these reclining business class suite-like seats. He has got a point there. Through this design, not only do passengers get their fair amount of privacy, but they also have all the comforts needed on a journey which is half-spent sleeping or snoozing.

Airlines are pushing for pampering the premium class travellers, because that is where the money is. Economy remains economical, and sometimes having to compromise slightly for the benefit of the higher classes.

[ Via : Ausbt ]

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