Quantum of the seas – Luxury like never before on the high seas

What do you call a 1,141 feet long, 16 storey high, super luxurious ocean liner with 2090 guest rooms that can accommodate 4180 passengers? Royal Caribbean’s latest addition to their fleet is the jewel in their crown – The Quantum of the Seas. The third largest ship to sail the seas after Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas.

quantum-of-the-seas-2Built in a shipyard in Germany, Quantum is on its 8 day maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. This breath taking ship gives you the opportunity to indulge in amazing experiences.

quantum-of-the-seas-sky-divingI Fly the first ever sky diving stimulator on board allows you to experience the feeling of falling down thousands of feet whilst in a controlled and safe environment. This leaves you wondering whether you are romancing the waves or the clouds.

quantum-of-the-seas-3The decks of the ship give you an uninterrupted view of the sea but trust the Quantum of the Seas to take it one step forward. North Star the glass capsule rises from the top most deck, 300 feet above sea level and allows you a panoramic view of the sea and the coastal cities.

quantum-of-the-seas-experience-skatingTransformative venues on the ship literally transform from day to night making it difficult to imagine that you were probably there during the day when it looked completely different. You find yourself enjoying different experiences at the same venue. From indoor basketball courts, to skating rinks, to bumper cars, to a rock climbing wall to a surf stimulator to trapeze nets, to a kids water park there seems to be no end to what this mammoth of a ship offers for all ages. If these can keep the younger and active ones entertained, the bars, casinos and venues for live performances are sure to bring a smile on the faces of the other guests.

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quantum-of-the-seas-dinningEach deck is like a treasure trove waiting to be explored and discovered. Decks 4 and 5 have Las Vegas style promenade with restaurants, bars and shops that sell everything from a pin to a pearl.

quantum-of-the-seas-7Deck 15 is for those who want to pamper themselves, for the fitness freaks who need to work out, for those looking for the perfect tan, for those who just want to have a good time, in a nutshell deck 15 is for everyone. It houses the spa, fitness centre, sun beds, swimming pool, hot tubs, bars and music playing amidst all the chatter and laughter.

quantum-of-the-seas-climbingDeck 16 boasts of I Fly the sky dive stimulator, the rock climbing wall and the North Star. The tastefully done up ship has an art collection that can put an art gallery to shame. The Butterfly Wall by the glass lifts is quite impressive and the 30 ft tall maroon polar bear that stands on the outer deck is made of stainless steel triangles is equally dramatic.With 18 restaurants to choose from and no fixed times to dine and no fixed places to sit in its up to you to decide and choose where you would like to dine.

quantum-of-the-seas-vistaramaThere is no end to the things you can do aboard this expansive ship. Vistarama, floor to ceiling glass walls that transform into a surface that can project any scene real or virtual on it. Two 70 is home to six Roboscreens that stage performances. Thoughtful planning has virtual balconies that display real time sites and the sounds of the seas put up in all the interior
Staterooms that do not have access to a balcony in their rooms.

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quantum-of-the-seas-bionic-barIn a first of its kind the Bionic Bar has robots quenching your thirst. Orders are placed through tablets while the robotic bartenders mix the drinks.

quantum-of-the-seas-stateroom-3Swanky suites, well fitted and accessorized with all that you would need makes it feel like a home away from home.

quantum-of-the-seas-stateroom-4What better way can you think of romancing your loved one? The two storey suites with a private balcony, their own dining room and a dedicated concierge service is just what you need. With the rooms costing about $1400 and the suite $1600 the Quantum experience does not come cheap.

quantum-of-the-seas-checkinTechnology has also made its way on board with speedy internet connection and a digital check in process. Passengers are given wristbands on arrival which act as their room key as well as their credit card on board.

quantum-of-the-seas-viewFrom November 18th 2014, The Quantum of the Seas will be plying from Cape Liberty in New Jersey to the Caribbean and Bahamas before heading back to New Jersey. After its inaugural season in the US, The Quantum will then sail to Shanghai in spring.

With all that the Quantum offers you have to remind yourself that you are on a ship. It feels like an amusement park, a casino, a fancy restaurant, a shopping boulevard, a chic hotel, a concert, and a disco all rolled into one. One cannot seem to think of anything missing aboard this lavish and opulent ship.

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