Quora answers – What is it like to fly first class on Emirates?

Repeatedly voted as one of the best airlines to fly in, Emirates surely does things differently and raises the bar when it comes to pure luxury. One can only imagine what flying first class on it would be, Luca Moriero answers.

I’ve flown Emirates in First Class three times in about a week.

First Class is indeed a great experience, and I was very hyped to try it out.

1. First Class Chauffeur Drive: usually (but not necessarily) a better car than the ones used for Business Class.
2. Private Terminal for Business and First Class at Dubai International Airport.
3. Private Check-In Area for First Class: you’ll probably never have to wait one second.
4. Skip the line at Security and Immigration (also Business Class).
5. Access to the Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai (the one in Concourse A is as big as a Terminal). Otherwise, access to First Class Lounges in other airports. For example, I had the opportunity to try out the Executive Area of the Air China Dynasty Lounge in Taipei Airport.
6. Unlimited à la Carte food and Buffet in Emirates First Class Lounges.
7. Boarding directly from the Lounge (not all airports) or Priority Boarding.

And this is just what you get on the ground, now it’s a time of the aircraft:

1. Private Suite with tons of food, cosmetics, beverages. You also get a Pajama, slippers and a Bulgary Amenity Kit.

2. Huge Seat that turns into a 180 Fully Lie-Flat Bed.

3. Top notch service, usually happy people that love what they do.

1. Unlimited à la Carte Menu, which also includes the mighty Dom Perignon.

Shower Spa. What else to say? I don’t see why you shouldn’t take a shower 40′000 feet in the air.

A Good sleep to arrive well rested at your destination.

One thing I wasn’t expecting a Dubai was this:

This is basically a First Class Bus that takes you from the Airplane to the Arrivals Area. I definitely wasn’t expecting a private bus with leather seats in it.

In total, I flew about 30 hours in First Class, and only slept about 2 hours as I was super hyped.

First Class is definitely an amazing and great experience if you have the possibility to try it out, however, I will stick to Economy Class and Business Class, as I believe First Class is only an experience (unless you are a billionaire, but at that point, I’d buy myself a Private Jet).

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