Rembrandt’s iconic ‘The Night Watch’ painting turned into a day scene with LED technology

You cannot go to the Netherlands and ignore the works of Rembrandt. The Dutch painter was also known to be a master at etching artworks. And his famous painting ‘The Night Watch’ (also known as ‘Company of Frans Banning Cocq and Willem van Ruytenburch’) dated to 1642 has just got a new lease of life. A part of Rembrandt’s exhibit at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, the painting looks more like a stunning photograph rather than a dated and corroded one. And this is thanks to some “careful application of light directs the eye.”

The latest LED lighting system changes the ‘The Night Watch’ to a pretty broad-daylight image instead, and the entire setup took three months in the making. The light basically imitates afternoon sunlight even though the image is facing west. The museum did plan to put the art in natural sunlight that would’ve aged the painting faster and would need more effort to maintain in case of rains. A modern twist to an old classic!

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