Restless Planet – you can also be a part of Jurassic Park soon

Jurassic Park returns! This isn’t any title of Spielberg’s latest movie but in reality a new $1billion theme park in coming to Dubai that will feature over 100 animatronic dinosaurs of 40 different species. Called the Restless Planet, the park is the star attraction of a large Las Vegas-style entertainment and business development called City of Arabia. While the details are being kept pretty quiet, the creators of the development, the Ilyas and Mastafa Galadari Group, have released promotional videos showing a T.rex charging at visitors and pterodactyls flying overhead. The T.rex is the first to be completed of 109 robots, which are being built in various shapes and sizes to resemble more than 40 different extinct species. They will also be capable of interacting with guests by following them with their eyes or lunging at them as they walk by

Managing director Mustafa Galadari. rightly says, “The Restless Planet provides a visual, audio, and tactile experience allowing visitors to experience some of the exciting things that have gone on in the Earth’s history. Extremely realistic and scary – but at the same time, educational, the 500,000 square foot (46,000 square meter) Restless Planet, will most of all be enormous fun. A thrilling ride in a scientifically accurate environment.” Along with the acclaimed dinosaur authority Jack Horner, Tokyo-based animatronics team Kokoro has recreated the real-life creatures of the Jurassic era, the visitor experience is designed by international theme park specialists Jack Rouse Associates and is enclosed by a 75-meter dome, designed by international specialists firm RH Architects. But all this will be open only by late 2008. so hold on to your visit to Dubai till then.