Revealed: The 10 best travel destinations for 2020 according to Lonely Planet

Someone very clever said, “Some of your best ideas come when you’re on vacation”. I think the best idea in the world is taking a vacation! How do you decide where to head next? One way could be twirling the globe and going wherever your finger stops; another more plausible way would be relying on the experts at Lonely Planet who unquestionably know the planet better than anyone else and take their word for it. Coming in at a good time is Lonely Planet’s 15th annual list of best places to visit in 2020 which includes exotic lands and some very, I repeat ‘very’ unexpected entries (hint: spot no.2). To know what they are, go through our top 10 picks mentioned below:

10. Uruguay
Your trip to South America will not be considered a success until you have visited Uruguay. Uruguay’s laid-back, welcoming and down-to-earth people combined with breathtaking Atlantic shoreline, a sprouting wine industry, hot springs and endless rolling rangelands is what makes this is an ideal combination for great vacations.

9. Morocco
This place is enchanting. It’s like time travelling thanks to the presence of time-honored attractions. The past is complemented by sustainable-yet-stylish lodging, restaurants serving up seasonal produce and coastal wellness retreats mixing up yoga and surfing. Can’t think of anything better right?

8. Liberia
For an outsider, this may not be the first choice. But those who have experienced Liberia and its natural beauty gush about the people and idyllic beaches, washed by some of West Africa’s best surf at low-key resorts such as Robertsport. The presence of the second-largest area of primary rainforest in West Africa, Sapo National Park, also gives you a chance of running into chimpanzees, forest elephants and Liberia’s famous pygmy hippos.

7. The Netherlands
Amsterdam is a given, what’s also worth trying is the excellent train network; you can explore a host of celebrations in stunning cities and get more bang for your Euros. Does 35,000km of cycling paths to explore attractions beyond the cities sound good enough? Make those plans soon.

6.Costa Rica
For those who live a sustainable life and for those who want to learn about sustainability, Costa Rica is the place to be. Owing to the countries enormous biodiversity, it shouldn’t be shocking to spot a sleepy sloth in the trees, red-eyed frogs deadening their predators, and whales in the Pacific. Ninety percent of the country’s energy is devised by renewable sources making it a candidate for the first carbon-neutral countries in 2020.

5. eSwatini
Formerly known as Swaziland, this place is known for its legendary wildlife, culture and also as Southern Africa’s most underrated places. But the new international airport, as well as improved road infrastructure will bring in people from around the world to savor diverse landscapes, parks and reserves and one exciting revelation after another, like zip-lining, trekking, whitewater rafting or mind-blowing rhino encounters.

4. Aruba
This cultural hub of San Nicolas, known as Sunrise City, certainly is one of the happiest places to be in with palm-fringed and pristine beaches, local artists adorning street walls and pop-up carnival experiences. With a whirl of new home-sharing accommodation and experiences on offer, an authentic, more affordable, and sustainable Aruba awaits you.

3. North Macedonia
It’s famed for its splendid gastronomy, ancient traditions and spellbinding nature. Come 2020, North Macedonia will be even more sought-after with the addition of flight routes to Unesco-protected Lake Ohrid and the recently launched High Scardus Trail, a 495km trek along the region’s most dramatic peaks. Adventure junkies are you paying attention?

2. England
Shocking entry? Shouldn’t be when you can enjoy the enchanting English coastline, take a invigorating walk on a windswept pier, indulge in some yummy gastronomical treats, revel the marine life in rock pools and more. In 2020, indulging in these activities will be easier as new sections of the England Coast Path continue to open. It will open 3000 miles, making it the longest continuous trail of its kind in the world, granting access to the country’s entire coastline for the first time.

1. Bhutan
A plethora of cities, resorts, spas like to dub themselves as the seventh heaven or paradise on Earth; they aren’t even close to the real-life Shangri-la also known as Bhutan. This tiny piece of Himalayan paradise operates a strict ‘high-value, low-impact’ tourism policy, compelling travelers to pay a high daily fee just to set foot in its pine-scented, monastery-crowned hills. In return, you get a chance to walk on land that’s chaste and litter-free, in the company of noble Buddhist beliefs making them uniquely in tune with their environment. For those unaware, Bhutan is already the world’s only carbon-negative country, and the kingdom is set to become the first fully organic nation by 2020, so it’s only going to get more beautiful. Are you reading or booking your tickets?

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