Saks is celebrating its 95th anniversary with an opulent carousel that New Yorkers can actually ride on

Christmas is not around the corner! Even then, Saks is displaying the epitome of festivities at its Fifth Avenue store with a one-of-its-kind merry-go-round, now open for rides! Until Sept 10, New Yorkers will be able to see and ride on a free, interactive carousel right across its New York flagship store as the marquee celebrates 95 years of its existence!

The gold-toned amusement ride features two white Saks horses with many more unconventional seats such as those shaped in the form of a perfume bottle, sneakers and a lipstick throne. The design further boasts a subway car and shiny gold and silver disco balls that hang from the ceiling of its humongous 30-foot structure. The exclusive carousel is designed by the Hudson’s Bay Company creative team in partnership with IMG LIVE, and is presented by Mastercard.

Commenting on the ride, Emily Essner, senior vice president of marketing and digital at Saks Fifth Avenue said, “At Saks, we’re committed to creating one-of-a-kind experiences as part of what we call, The New Luxury,” She further added, “The luxury retail landscape is changing, and consumers are craving access to unique and compelling experiences. With the Saks carousel, we’re hoping to provide an unforgettable experience to New Yorkers and visitors from around the world, and also give our customers a new and exciting way to engage with Saks.” If you fancy a free ride on a jazzed up merry-go-round, head over to the Saks Fifth Avenue now!


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