Saudi Arabians are world’s top travel spenders

As number one on the list of the World’s Top Travel Spenders, Saudi Arabians retain their position, says a report by Visa based on the latest Global Travel Intention Study 2013. The Global Travel Intention Study 2013 shows Saudi lavishing an average of $6,666 per trip as compared to the global average of $2,501. Following closely behind them are Australia and China, shelling $4,118 and $3,824, respectively.

Visa is known to have surveyed 12,631 travelers from 25 countries, recording the average global travel spends at $2,390 per trip, which is predicted to increase to $2,501. The study even reports that travelers have every intention to increase their travel budgets by an average of 5% this year! This increase can be expected from the Asian market, which predicts a hike of 46%. Especially, respondents from the Middle East and Africa showed increasing travel budgets by 76%.

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The most popular destinations with the avid travelers are the USA, UK, France and China, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

[Via – Arabian-Business and Cpp-Luxury]

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