Saudi Arabians are world’s top travel spenders

Saudi Arabians retains their position as number one on the list of World’s Top Travel Spenders, says report by Visa based on the latest Global Travel Intention Study 2013. The Global Travel Intention Study 2013 shows Saudi lavishing an average of $6,666 per trip as compared to the global average of $2,501. Following closely behind them is Australia and China shelling $4,118 and $3,824, respectively.

Visa is known to have surveyed 12,631 travelers from 25 countries, recording the average global travel spends at $2,390 per trip, which is predicted to increase to $2,501. The study even reports that travelers have every intention to increase their travelling budgets by an average of 5% this year! This increase can be expected from the Asian market, which predicts a hike by 46%. Especially, respondents from the Middle East and Africa showed intentions of increasing their travel budgets by 76%.

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The most popular destinations with the avid travelers are the USA, UK, France and China, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

[Via – Arabian-Business and Cpp-Luxury]