Seats sell out immediately when the World’s best restaurant Noma comes to London

Foodies across the world probably know that Noma officially holds the tag of being the world’s best restaurant for three years in a row. With a tag like this, you can obviously expect the popularity of this restaurant to be sky high. Only recently, there was an opportunity for the London to see how popular this restaurant is. In just two hours of the announcement of Noma coming to London, all 3,000 of the £200 ($322) tickets for ‘A taste of Noma at Claridge’s’ had sold out! Reportedly 10,000 people had even pre-registered in the hope of availing a seat for this 10 day event.

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The event will welcome Rene Redzepi, and his award-winning restaurant, Noma, which is based in Copenhagen, to London. The five-course menu is sure to leave your palette asking for more. But those successful in the lottery will no doubt be awaiting the event with eager anticipation, given Noma’s astounding global success.
The dining event will be hosted during the Olympics by Claridge’s hotel in central London. 170 will be seated in the hotel’s ornate ballroom for lunch and dinner over the 10 days.
Those looking for the Noma restaurant experience will be disappointed as the event offers Rene’s food with British ingredients. The pop-up restaurant will be open from 28 July 28 to 6 August. Truly a time to indulge the taste buds, the lucky people who managed to get bookings must already be looking forward to this mouth watering experience.

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