Seoul now home to world’s largest IMAX screen

South Korean exhibitor CJ CGV is now home to the world’s largest Imax theatre in Seoul, and we’re talking a screen measuring 31 meters wide and 22.4 meters high.

Yes, indeed Australia has been harbouring Imax screens up to over 35 meters wide, but let me tell you they are currently not in use. Even if we include the Australian screens, CGV’s new Yongsang I’Park Mall branch near the Yongsan U.S. military base in central Seoul has the largest Imax screen among multiplex cinemas across the globe.
How large can a screen be? Well, its comfortably 5x the size of screens found in your average multiplex cinema. A high-resolution projector presents pictures about 50 percent brighter and twice as clearly, at an aspect ratio of 1.43:1, according to CGV.

Considering it’s home to Samsung and numerous other technological brand names, we’re not entirely surprised of this advancement. Indeed, this cinema also offers the “4DX With ScreenX” — a cinema experience that combines both the multisensory moving chairs of 4DX and the panoramic three-screen presentation of ScreenX. All 40 seats feature a new “sway & twist” motion technology, which includes a wider range of movements, including switching directions, super acceleration and drifting.

Given how indie films are garnering popular demand, CGV has dedicated one of the multiplex’s screens to the genre. Part of the ticket sale proceeds will go to supporting the South Korean indie industry.

Seo Jung, CEO of CJ CGV, told reporters during the opening ceremony that he sees the new Yongsan I’Park branch as a prime example of the “post-multiplex age,” and promised to “continue to lead the evolution of cinemas through groundbreaking innovations.”


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