Singapore Airlines may soon introduce ‘Dine on Demand’ meals for business class passengers

When it comes to inflight hospitality, few nail it as well as Singapore Airlines. After introducing a fleet of comforts for its passengers, the aviation giant is now set to notch it up another level with a unique ‘Dine on Demand’ service. Available only for business class fliers, the offering will enable the executive class passengers to eat what they want, when they want.

The exclusive meal service is introduced in conjunction with the airline’s Book the Cook offer than allows passengers to pre-book meals of their choice rather that sticking to a fixed menu. The novel service is conceptualized on similar grounds, with an aim to enable business class passengers to choose their meals at a time of their convenience (minus adhering to the flight’s serving timetables).

Commenting on it, Singapore Airlines Director of F&B Antony McNeil in a statement said, “Singapore Airlines is always looking to evolve the meal service inflight, whether it be a flexible dining approach or a (full) dine on-demand approach, and passengers are telling us this maybe is something that we should be working towards,” He further added, “We (will) take that on hand with our customer insight team, with our cabin crew, to make sure that we have the right approach. We want to make sure that the crews are comfortable in every step of the process, that we have their buy-in, and that our passengers receive the right level of service.”

As of now, the ‘Dine on Demand’ service will be rolled out on a trial basis in the first half of 2020 in select Singapore Airline flights.


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