Singapore debuts world’s first 7 star VIP cable cars studded with Swarovski crystals

If you have ever visited Singapore, then your travel experience must have definitely included a ride in the cable car that takes you to Sentosa Island. While I found the experience very comfortable, the Singapore tourism ministry thought it time to upgrade or bling up this experience for the luxury-loving tourists. They have achieved this feat by creating the Jewel Cable Car. The first of its kind globally, these Jewel Cable Cars offer its occupants 7-star luxury treatments and are the first VIP cable cars studded with Swarovski crystals! This new luxe system comprises LED-illuminated, sparkling metallic black and chrome cabins on a mono cable ropeway. Sure to redefine the standards of luxury, these ultra-luxe crystal-studded cabins feature a crystal panel glass floor and roof by Swarovski, comfortable black leather upholstered chairs with armrests covered with glittering black crystal by Swarovski elements.

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The new cableway system that links Mount Faber of Harborfront Tower and Sentosa Island consists of 67 crystal studded cabins, each with 8 people. It comes equipped with flip-up seats, easy access for wheelchairs and baby prams, an mp3 music system, and a removable table with a cup-holder for Sky Dining. Quite light on your pockets; a one-way journey (around 13 minutes at a speed of 3m/s) costs $24 for adults, while a return trip is $26. That is definitely not a heavy price to pay for a luxury trip, now is it?

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