Sip beer and admire the great white sharks from a personal glass pod

The mere mention of a Great White will send a shiver down your spine. The deadliest of creatures that rule the oceans is now up close for you to see while you stay dry in a viewing pod. Adventure Bay Charters in South Australia has launched the Aqua Sub with a unique viewing area which allows upto six guests to see the sharks up close whilst remaining completely dry. The submerged pod is one of its kind and separates the guests from he sharks by a pane of glass. It is the world’s first 360 degree glass viewing pod which gives you an uninterrupted view of these stealthy creatures in their natural habitat while they glide past you.

The Aqua Sub is suspended from a boat above and even though the glass pane separates you it can be quite an unnerving experience and definitely not for the weak hearted. Should the experience prove too much for you, you can scamper back to the safety of the boat via a ladder. Unlike viewing the Great Whites through a cage, this experience leaves you dry and feeling a bit more secure.

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