Six Train trips in Asia that must be in your travel bucket list

4. Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia- Japan
A Russian writer once wrote: “If you glance to the globe from the height of the bird’s flight, you’ll see a huge cross on the Earth with the base being formed by the Great Trans-Siberian Railroad from Brest to Vladivostok and across it the river Volga runs. Great Russia holds on to this cross!”

The Trans-Siberian train travels all the way from European Russia to the far end of Asia. This means the 5,772-mile journey begins in European Moscow and ends up a stone’s throw from Japan in the Pacific Ocean port of Vladivostok. Taking this Trans Siberian train you will see Russia’s great diversity with its multiple time zones, stunning landscapes and get a chance to meet many interesting people.

A journey on the Trans-Siberian Express Rossia is the longest train ride in the world. The train departs from Yaroslavskiy train station and is decorated in typical Russian style including its trademark gold and red colors. The train is considered one of the best trains in Russia in terms of service, friendliness of staff and upkeep.

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The train has First, Second and Third class compartments.

First class compartments are decked out in Russian style in red and gold colors. 1st class tickets are available with and without meals. Bed linen, personal hygiene set, the latest press are all included in the price of all 1st class tickets. Second class compartments have green curtains embroidered with pictures of Russian cities through which the train passes. Second class tickets are available with and without meals. Bed linen is included to the price of all second-class tickets. The train has a nice dining car with a special menu for passengers. There is a shower in a special carriage that can be used by all passengers.

3. The Eastern & Oriental Express, Southeast Asia
Voyaging through Singapore, travelling in Thailand, Malaysia and crossing into Laos,
there is no better vantage point to explore Southeast Asia than aboard the luxurious Eastern & Oriental Express. Venture off the beaten track with three exciting Chronicles of Southeast Asia journeys.

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The Eastern & Oriental Express train offers luxury travel through some of the world’s most exotic landscapes. Located at the rear of the train, make your way to the colonial-style, teakwood Observation Car for sightseeing by day and cocktails and entertainment after dark. Part of the carriage is outdoors for wonderful photo opportunities throughout your journey.

The Eastern & Oriental Express has three grades of cabins to choose from: Pullman, State and Presidential Suites—all decorated with exquisite marquetry. Each air-conditioned cabin has an ensuite shower and lavatory, and large picture windows. Your cabin steward will look after you during your journey 24 hours a day.

Each of the seasonally changing menus is created exclusively for the Eastern & Oriental Express by its onboard chefs, incorporating the finest locally sourced ingredients.