Six Star Cruises unveils $1.5 million cruise holiday package

Given the many travel packages and offers on cruise holidays you’d think that a cruise holiday is no longer a luxury of the select few only. However with the launch of the $1.5 million cruise holiday by Six Star Cruises, we are once again reminded that the luxury cruise holiday is still out of the reach of many. So if you are lucky to be born with a silver, no, make that a diamond spoon, then you must definitely not miss out on this holiday aboard the luxurious Silver Whisper.

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A never ending holiday, this package is for a cool 124 days luxury cruise trip! Departing from LA, this cruise ship will visit 28 countries including Maldives, New Zealand, Malaysia, etc. during its sea voyage. The $1.5 million per couple sum (which makes it a cool $11,740 per day per couple) includes luxury treatments like guests being picked up from their home by a helicopter and transferred to a luxury Boeing business jet where they can treat their taste buds to Beluga Caviar which costs $5800 per kilogram and sip on the rare Da Hong Pao tea which costs over $3000 per kilogram or simply indulge themselves with a bottle of Dom Perignon Rosi.
For the ultimate luxury experience, you must opt for the Royal Suite of the ship, which boasts of a bar and Veranda. The package also includes four nights at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles and four nights in a suite on Sunset Island, Miami.
A truly luxurious holiday, if you can afford it, you must definitely not miss it.

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