Spaceport Sweden will be the first to offer space flights from Scandinavia

Humankind has been dreaming of traveling to space for a vacation away from earth for a while now. Previously, we’ve come across initiatives by Golden Spike, Virgin Atlantic and Xcor Lynx that will help us non-astronaut folks take vacation trips to outer space. Now, a company in the Arctic is busy building a crossover between a space shuttle and an airplane that will enable trips to the heavens and back. Spaceport Sweden’s director Karin Nilsdotter thinks this to be a practical endeavor that will also help pull in the crowds to the town of Kiruna, where the company is based.

“We’re working on establishing commercial flights from Sweden to space for tourism and research and to create a launching pad at the airport,” says Karin, speaking from the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF). According to what’s been planned, these trips could last for a whole two hours and will have sub-orbital flights taking passengers 100 kilometers above Earth. The experience includes five minutes of weightlessness before the shuttle returns home.

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