Spas, space and extravagance is what airlines have to offer!

Living life on land can be touted as uninteresting as you now have the same luxuries in the A380 aircrafts plus you are far above the ground up in the sky. Singapore Airlines, Dubai’s Emirates Airlines and Australia’s Qantas Airways Ltd. are using their new A380s to push the envelope on cushiness, entertainment and design. Talking of goodies, they are too good to be true but thank your luck or their engineers the too good time is here. When I say Singapore Air’s “Sky Suites” are so big they include both a seat and a bed, appointed with sheets and dishware designed by French fashion house Givenchy I am not kidding and when I say Emirates has two “shower spas” with heated floors, where first-class fliers can book 25-minute sessions, including a five-minute shower I am absolutely honest (cross my heart and hope to die!). Features that were available in only premium cabins are now available to coach class travellers. The list is endless…and no one is crabby.

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The fares are not necessarily staggering for what is on the offer. The round-trip business class ticket for Qantas is roughly $18,000, similar to on older models, although first class at over $25,000 is a bit more expensive. Emirates now flies to New York from Dubai, with a round-trip business class ticket at almost $6,600 and Singapore Air flying to Singapore-London round-trip in business class runs for around $6,700. You may be a king on land but the high of flying high in a palace on air is something worth experiencing and here is your chance.

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