Spread over 20 acres Italy to get the worlds first food theme park

In 2017, Italy’s food scene is going to get an exciting new addition. No, we don’t mean a high-profile restaurant, we’re referring to a food theme-park that’s slated for launch in Bologna next year. The new venture comes from Eataly- Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich’s chain of Italian food stores. The new food theme park is being called FICO Eataly World and promises a Disneyland-Esque experience for food lovers.

But there will be more to do than just eating, half the goal of the 20-acre park is to educate guests about how food is prepared and where it comes from.
The theme park will include orchards, pastures, and gardens as well as 25 restaurants and 40 workshops.
To encourage shopping Bianchi will provide 500 adult-sized, bright-colored tricycles equipped with shopping baskets. Supposedly these are the first hybrid bike/shopping carts to be made available in a retail space.
The park will also boast some grazing land where visitors will be able to spot nine kinds of cows, five kinds of pigs, five kinds of goats, five kinds of sheep, and rabbit, geese, and guinea hens.

Of the three bars in the park, one will be dedicated to all things Italian where you can sip the classic Italian spritz cocktail.
Also on offer will be virtual reality rides with names like “Man and Fire”, “Man and Future” and “Man and Bottle” of which the second was designed in collaboration with MIT. The complex will also have a hotel presumably for guests intending to stay longer than a day. This property will open its doors to guests in 2018.


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