Starbucks to brew luxe at the Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette, the French luxury department store and Starbucks, America’s favorite coffee house have entered into a partnership with a view to catering extensively to the French market. The collaboration would see the latter open stores at Paris’s iconic departmental stores around the country over the next few years. Two stores are already on the cards, those of which are scheduled to open by the end of this summer: the first will be situated inside the iconic ‘Coupola‘ on the third floor at Galeries Lafayette on the 9th district and the second, is due to open later at 81 rue de Provence (9th district).

All the new Starbucks stores that are to be developed for Galeries Lafayette will reflect the design and architecture of its unique location. This includes taking inspiration from the architectural pattern followed at departmental store, and adapting it to the design implementation for Starbucks. From sourcing materials available locally, to including innovative design as well as incorporating energy saving features every factor would be looked into.

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This partnership is a part of a larger plan for Starbucks, who wishes to enter into such collaborations with leading retailers to extend its presence all over the world. Galeries Lafayette is just the beginning.

[Via – Starbucks]