Suspended off the cliffs like Starwars jets, have a look at these wildlife-inspired futuristic cabins that would be an adventure seeker’s delight

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who is always on the lookout for offbeat stays, you’ve landed at the right place! We’re about to offer you a peek at awe-inspiring architectural fortresses developed by Thilina Liyanage, a Sri Lankan 3D visualizer that resembles wildlife with villas that bend over mountainsides and a yacht club whose roof flexes into the curve of a manta ray’s backside.

His latest creation is a series of futuristic glass and metallic ocean cabins inspired by the shape of dolphins puncturing a cliffside. The villas are constructed entirely from sustainable building materials like bamboo and responsibly harvested wooden chutes using 3D visualization.

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Lodged into a tropical mountainside, piercing the cliff to suspend in midair with a cantilever structure, the cabins resemble the rugged science fiction aesthetic of Star Wars, stationed on the cliffside like resistance X-Wing fighter jets ready for battle.

On the inside, the structure accommodates enough space for a bathroom, sleeping area, kitchen, as well as a small living area. The entire cabin is further is supported by four high-tensile suspension cables, and one main support beam bored into the cliffside to keep its cantilever structure horizontal over the bustling ocean below.

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Would you fancy an adventure-filled stay such as this one?

[Via: Behance]

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