Swarovski Optik EL 32 Swarovision binoculars

If luxury travel is what you love, you know that it is finer details like luggage, accessories, etc. all luxurious of course, that make the experience truly extravagant. For those of you embarking on a high-end vacation, the latest offering from Swarovski Optik is definitely a must-have. Swarovski Optik offers the perfect travel accessory to spoil the luxury traveler that will help you take in all the sights and scenes at your destination, the EL 32 Swarovision binoculars. Promising edge-to-edge sharpness, contrast and uncompromising color fidelity, and an unrestricted field of view, even for spectacle wearers, this set of binoculars is truly a class apart.

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At 580 grams, these binoculars are the ultimate lightweight companions for travelers. Accompanied by an adaptor for compact cameras, these binoculars are in a league of their own. The SWAROVISION technology makes use of field flattener lenses that produce a virtually flat image. The HD optics reduce color fringing, creating maximum color contrast, while optimized coatings (SWAROTOP, SWAROBRIGHT, SWARODUR, SWAROCLEAN) make for true-to-life, brighter images. The only EL binoculars with a 32-mm lens come with the EL wrap-around grip and are extremely comfortable for those wearing spectacles.
The binoculars will be available for sale from 1 May 2012, in either green or sand-brown. They will come accompanied by a Field Bag, eyepiece, and objective lens protectors, as well as a lift carrying strap beside the SnapShot Adapter. The 8 x 32 EL Swarovision is priced at $2485, while the 10 x 32 EL Swarovision is priced at $2533.
Truly spectacular, these binoculars will help make sure you do not miss out on any details on your next holiday.

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