Sweet mother of destination weddings – A chapel in the middle of an Icelandic glacier

Looking for a memorable destination for your wedding? If you’re planning a small ceremony and are seeking a setting that’s different from the usual done-to-death destination beach weddings, then you may want to consider Iceland. The country will soon launch their Into the Glacier Experience that allows tourists to venture deep into the Langjökull glacier which is the second largest glacier in Iceland and is home to biggest man-made ice cave in the world. Stretching about 2,624ft into the depths of the glacier, the cave leads on into a series of carved out rooms, one of which is a chapel which can host underground weddings. The cave at its deepest point is about 1000 feet below the surface of the glacier.

Ice cave chapel
The chapel is illuminated beautifully and houses a few benches for the lucky guests to sit on. We won’t make any jokes about this being the coolest wedding destination ever but we will say that there’s something wonderfully intimate and romantic about the secluded nature of the spot. Sure you won’t be able to wear Vera Wang and Armani in this chilly chapel, but you can be content with the knowledge that nobody will ever have a wedding location as amazing as this.
The Ice Cave will open in June this year and will remain open from March to October from next year onwards. You’ll be the only couple to have a snow white wedding in the middle of summer!

[Ice cave]

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