Take a look at the four most luxurious Airbnb’s in Las Vegas

A luxury trip to Las Vegas is not just about a couple of nights at the Bellagio, The Palazzo, or The Venetian. Why stay at a hotel when you can live like a native A-lister in Sin City?

Airbnb in Vegas is not just about slumming it out in cheap condos and apartments. You can find plenty of high-end villas and apartments in listed as rentals here. And the best part – many are just 10 minutes away from the Strip.

Here you will find attractions equal to or better than the best suites at a casino resort, including incredibly spacious bedrooms, amazing outdoor pools with full privacy, gourmet kitchens, and game rooms for those moments when you want good clean fun outside a crowded casino.

The following villas offer you everything you would expect from a luxury casino and then some. And if you are so inclined, these coupons will add to the fun, shaving valuable dollars that can be put to good use in any of the best casinos in Las Vegas.

1. Spacious Home with BBQ & Pool
If you want to simply chill and unwind after a hectic spell at the Strip, this massive four bedroom villa might be the ideal choice. With a spacious yard, cabana, and patio, it is perfect for relaxing under the sun. There are a huge pool and a BBQ thrown in for good measure. Privacy is guaranteed, which is always a huge plus.

The kitchen is fully equipped with all the modern amenities, and the place is fully hooked for entertainment with WiFi, Netflix, big screen TV, and the works. The house is ideal for small groups, but it is not intended as a party place. The neighborhood is quiet and secure, with plenty of parking spots available.

And the best part about this listing is its accessibility – it is located a few minutes ride away from the airport and the Strip. To top things off, the host is a very pleasant and experienced operator with an excellent track record and great reviews. At close to $175 per night, this is a great option.

You can find this house listed here.

2. Massive Penthouse at The Vdara
The Vdara is an iconic landmark located at the Las Vegas City Center, a stone’s throw away from the strip. Nestled within this 57-storey building is a huge two bedroom penthouse with stunning views of the Strip and the rest of the city. Elegantly furnished, this chic penthouse has glass on three sides which looks absolutely stunning at night.

Since it is in the Vdara, you can get free access to facilities like the pool and gym, which would cost you more in a resort. The two master bedrooms are well furnished with custom mattresses, spa style baths, and massive LCD TVs. Space is ideal for evening banquets and they even offer catering services in the building. With a fully stocked modern kitchen and dining table, this suite is ideal for hosting social events as well.

Accessibility is not an issue since it is just opposite the Strip, directly across the Aria Resort & Casino. At $400 per night, it is not very cheap, but the sheer amount of amenities you get make it a value for money proposition.

Find more information this listing and more here.

3. A Fairytale Suite in Downtown Las Vegas
If you want an intimate couple’s retreat with a fairytale twist, this king suite in Downtown Vegas is the perfect option. Blessed with total privacy, it is a one bedroom suite located in the emerging Arts District of Las Vegas, close to Fremont East District.

The main attraction of this place is the fairy tale theme deployed for the interior decorations. The entire suite wouldn’t look out of place in a Disney movie like Beauty and the Beast! Furnished with gold foil wallpapers, heavy velvet curtains, and gold detailing all over the place, it looks very royal and magical indeed.

All modern amenities like WIFI and TV are available but neatly tucked away to add to the overall ambiance. The kitchen is also quite amazing, and the single bathroom is equipped with a regal jetted tub.

The suite’s location is one of its prime attractions – it is located in a very hip young neighborhood, filled with pubs, clubs, and new restaurants. As for the Strip, it is just ten minutes away from this suite. At $55 per night, this unique experience is a real steal.

4. Luxury Cabin-Inspired Home In 2 Acres of Land
With large vaulted ceilings, a cozy loft, and tons of natural wood paneling and finishes all over the place, this huge home feels truly unique. The place is ideal for large families and groups, with five bedrooms and an equal number of baths. Privacy is a huge advantage as the home sits in a massive estate of two acres.

Free parking is available on the premises with garage space available for two cars. The property also has a pool which is available on request at extra charge. There is also a BBQ for some great poolside picnics. The indoor furniture is very plush and comfy and there is a huge TV in the living room for entertainment.

The property is located in a quiet neighborhood that is relatively underdeveloped when compared to the rest of Vegas. That is a great thing as you can find some peace and quiet just 10 minutes away from the Strip. At around $700 per night, it is a great option for large families/groups.

You can read all about the listing here.

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