Take a look inside the world’s largest cruise ship: Its so big that you need a GPS

Christened the Harmony of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s new cruise ship is slated to be the largest one in the world weighing in at 227,000 tons. In fact, the ship supposedly has a good 124ft on the length of the Eiffel Tower. The mammoth vessel set out on its very first trial voyage last week and we can guarantee that the ship’s 18 decks will have something to entertain every kind of guest.

Harmony-of-the-Seas (7)
The ship boasts an astonishing 16 restaurants. Pictured is the Wonderland fantasy themed venue.
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The VIP Royal Loft Suites costs £7,525 per person, per week and comes with a butler.
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Water slides are part of the outdoor fun on board the Harmony of the Seas including the daunting “Ultimate Abyss” which is the world’s tallest slide at sea with a 100ft plunge.
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There’s nothing old school about this cruise. Check out the “Bionic Bar” where cocktails are poured by robots.
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The ship even features a theater where guests can enjoy the hit musical Grease or some exciting acrobatic performances. Other attractions will be the open air atrium, a zip wire, merry-go-round and even a wave simulator where you can learn to surf.
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The ship’s first voyage with 6,000 passengers will take place in May. Rumor has it, passengers will be issued GPS style wrist trackers so they can may their way through the gigantic vessel.

[ Via : Metro & Dailymail ]

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