Take a tour around Luxury Homes of Las Vegas in collaboration with JetSuite Air Offer

It’s everyone’s dream to own a plush mansion. If you can afford one but don’t want to really buy it, you can take a luxury tour instead. Luxury Homes of Las Vegas, in collaboration with JetSuite Air, has just the thing you need! The tour will cover three beautiful and luxurious homes in Las Vegas, spanning over 10,000-square feet each. The first and biggest mansion at Tournament Hills at Summerlin is valued at $4,650,000. It is 10,692-square feet, in the middle of a 1.17-acre lot, and houses seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms.

The second is located at MacDonald Highlands, listed at $4,900,000. This 872-square feet house sits pretty inside a 0.53-acre lot, houses six bedrooms, eight bathrooms. The last of the lot is located at Promontory in The Ridges, valued at $6,125,000. Placed in an area of 0.74-acre, this one house has seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms.

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