The 1% can wipe their woes of a crowded airport with the airport butler

If the Airport Butler had been in service two decades back, then Kevin wouldn’t have got lost in the airport and climbed the wrong flight. Home Alone 2 would never have seen the light of day. Late, but never, the Airport Butler has arrived, not for reel, but for real. At long last one of the most useful and convenient services are now available, albeit in two airports – Vancouver International Airport and San Francisco International Airport (from this month). The Airport Butler will pick you up from your home, the mall or the curb in front of the airport, help you navigate through the labyrinth of crowd and confusion, through immigration, check-in, Duty Free and up to your boarding gate. The Airport Butler will also help you with luggage, booking spa treatments, help enjoy lounge services. There are a series of services offered, with a price of course. You could be picked up in a sedan or limo, and pay between $97 and $600.

From this pampering, on to a super cool A380. Further pampering. What a beautiful life. A movie could be made on this too, a lovely rich dame falls in love with a young, dashing Airport Butler.

[ Airportbutler Via : Blouinartinfo ]

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