The 10 biggest Malls in Asia

3. SM Megamall – Manila – Philippines
Shops – 1220
Area – 5,451,220 square feet
With a maximum capacity of 4 million people you can imagine the size of this mall. The Mega Atrium that connects the two mall buildings is designed to add drama to the structure. He visitor enters through a low ceiling hallway which then opens into a cylindrical skylight. The mall also house a Roman Catholic Chapel. This 5 storey mall boasts of bowling alleys, an Olympic size ice skating rink, an IMAX theatre, a 56 seater Director’s Club cinema with a butler service. 2D and 3D theatre screens. The Mega Fashion Hall, has several international fashion brands, one of which is the 3 storeyed flagship store of H&M and a 3 leveled Uniqlo store.

2. Golden Resources Mall – Beijing – China
Shops – Over 1000
Area – 6,000,000 square feet
Nicknamed the “Great Mall of China” it was the world’s largest shopping mall in 2004-2005. With 230 escalators, and everything you can possibly think of from a pin to a piano this mall is a paradise for the people. When completed, they expected about 50,000 shoppers a day, but they were bitterly disappointed to see just about 20 customers per hour. The high prices and the inconvenient location were a deterrent to the shoppers.

1. New South China Mall – Dongguan – China
Shops – Over 2350
Area – 7,100,000 square feet
With the tag of being the largest mall in the world on the basis of gross leasable area, unfortunately the mall is largely vacant. The mall is designed in seven zones, modeled on international cities, regions like Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Venice Egypt, California and the Caribbean. Constructed in the mall is a 25 metre replica of the Arc de Triomphe, a replica of Venice’s St Mark’s bell tower, a canal with gondolas and an indoor –outdoor roller coaster. The parking is designed in a way that it can also double up as a kart racing track.
The main drawback is that it is difficult to access and hence does not have many visitors.

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