The 11 best first class seats in the world and their ticket price – Beds, showers, designer amenity kits they have it all

TheThe days when first class tickets came with standard liquor and expansive seats are long gone. Now it’s all about private suites, caviar and Dom Perignon – well what can you expect, it is the 21st century after all. From Michelin starred chefs to designer amenity kits, there is no telling what could come up next.

Indeed, first class tickets come with hefty price tags and not everyone can afford dishing out thousands of dollars on such opulent trips. But for those who are set on having the best at 30,000 feet, it’s good to know which airlines to choose.

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This week, we’ve listed our 11 most favoured first class seats for you to choose from.

11. Swissair
Just when other airlines decided to opt for utmost privacy, Swiss air decided to create a superior seat with adjustable partitions to allow you to enjoy their gourmet meals with your partner.
The cabin also features handsome wood panelling and seats whose unique air-cushion technology has won best seat design awards from Global Traveller magazine for the past two years. When dinner is over, adjust the wall partition to allow for privacy. Flying from Dubai to Muscat may cost only £215 ($355) but keep in mind it’s a 35 minute flight.

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10. Korean Air
The comfy yet elegant Kosmo Suites entail 83-inch-long compartments encased in wood-grained shells, with leather interiors in cream and sea-green hues. The suites contain personalized storage compartments, reading lights and wide-screen TVs systems, plus Bose headphones.
Although the airline offers a set of pyjamas and slippers, they have decided to take an unconventional route by skipping out on the amenity kits. Prepare to shell out £3,588 ($5922) for a flight from Seoul to Los Angeles.

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