The 11 best first class seats in the world and their ticket price – Beds, showers, designer amenity kits they have it all

9. Jet Airways
The eight first-class suites aboard Jet Airways’ fleet of 777s offer passengers 26 square feet of private space. Hidden behind Venetian sliding doors, each suite contains its own personal light settings and wardrobe drawers for storing necessaries. Chairs come with an eight-point massage system and convert to spacious 83-inch beds, where you can actually toss and turn while watching over 100 Hollywood (and Bollywood) movies on the 23-inch LCD screen. Flying from Brussels to Washington will empty your wallets to the tune of £1,753 ($2,893).

8. Airlines
At first glance, the JAL Suites aboard the carrier’s 777s seem to offer nothing new. But once you look closer, you notice a host of high-tech elements and minimalist design details. Leather seats are ergonomically designed, oversized lap trays are height-adjustable and ottomans double as optional guest seating. Reading lights have six brightness settings, while the mattresses, jointly developed by JAL and Tempur, are designed to evenly distribute the pressure and weight of your body. Throw in the signature Symphony pillows made with their marshmallow-like texture, and a good night’s sleep is all but guaranteed. Flying from Tokyo to Jakarta will empty your wallets to the tune of £2,249 ($3,172).

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7. Qatar Airways
If you are contemplating flying Qatar Airways, opt for the Edinburgh – Doha flight on the Dreamliner 787 at £1,888 ($3,155). With a five point shading system and the 43 centimetres screens, your journey will be a breeze. Lanson Brut 1999 is on the menu with welcome amenity kits from the house of Armani and Dior. Nobu Matsuhisa is one of the chefs on the airline’s celebrated culinary panel. With their flat beds and impeccable service, what more could you want?

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