The 5 most luxurious and beautiful apartments available in Havana, Cuba on Airbnb

Personally I have always been a fan of Airbnb. The concept is so conventional, and the selection of homes available in the most random of places is simply fantastic! One has the option of renting an apartment or visiting the unconventional alternative like a villa, moored yachts or even a fairy-tale castle!

In a fascinating country like Cuba, residing in a 1950’s villa or simply an attic could be exhilarating! Now that the Obama government has made way for US citizens to travel to Cuba without any hush-hush, the Latin-culture driven city of Havana is up for grabs during a weekend getaway!

Of course, we are well aware that you are used to concierge service and well, the finest of amenities, so we’ve sculpted a list of the most luxurious homes that Havana has to offer on rent.

Here’s creaming off the top 5 of in the fabulous city of Havana!

5. Miramar Villa, La Habana
If you are a large group trending through the country of Cuba, at $840 a night, this is a call from heaven! Located in the mysterious area of La Habana, the Miramar Villa entails 7 bedrooms and takes up to 14 guests, although extra guests can be accommodated at no charge.

What we simply loved about this one, is its rustic decor! The entire villa is entails wooden furniture and white washed walls. Of course, the villa is fully air-conditioned and features more than 8 bathrooms.

Walk out of the living room and a lush green garden awaits your arrival with comfortable lawn seating and of course, the outdoor pool. The well appointed living room is dotted with plants and antique pieces.
[Miramar Villa]

4. Luxury Rivera, La Habana
Occupying a fine position in Habana, this 14 person six bedroom house can complete with a gym, seven bathrooms and a Jacuzzi. You will be living in the lap of luxury with an on call maid, personal chef and cleaning service.

The four floor property comes with a nightly price tag of $700 a night and offers sweeping views of the city from its massive outdoor space. Complete with a Jacuzzi, the villa is located in a peaceful neighbourhood.

The rooms are well appointed with modern contemporary furniture and marble clad bathrooms. Featuring the most modern of amenities, Luxury Riviera is one of the most coveted apartments in the city.
[Luxury Rivera]

3. Luxury Mansion Mariby – La Habana
When designer Jean Paul Galtier spun his wand on the Mariby Residence in 1996, this five-bedroom villa turned into a visual miracle. Frankly, the most favoured aspect of the house is the terrace and the room decor.

Each room is beautifully decorated with motifs and vibrant coloured antiques. The living room entails furniture strapped with fuchsia fabric and is complemented by mustard walls. Wooden pleated walls lead way to the outdoor terrace.

The cosy kitchen resembles a scene from a fairy tale with its cute kitchen table for two and the saucers hanging from the ceiling. The dining room can accommodate up to 10 persons and adorns a chandelier. At $400 a night, I suggest you book this villa almost immediately.
[Luxury Mansion Mariby]

2. Atlantic Penthouse – Vedodo
In one of the most exotic areas of Havana lies the premium Atlantic Penthouse. Vedodo is one of the most contemporary areas of the city, having been developed in the recent 20th century. Situated on the Malecon, a waterfront seawall, the well-furnished penthouse gives pampered views of Havana and the sea.

With 4 spacious bedrooms, and fortunately 4 bedrooms, the fully air-conditioned apartment comfortably accommodates 8 persons. The black modern furniture complements the white washed apartment, providing a striking contrast to the apartment.

When you step onto the terrace, you will find yourself in a haven with a comfy lounge seating surrounded by plants and an honestly generously sized pool. At night, you have to lounge around in your private terrace! The beautifully view of the lit up city is too appealing. At $1,000 a night, I think it’s a steal!
[Atlantic Penthouse]

1. Ocean View Apartment – La Habana
One of the most well designed apartments; we have come across in a while. A brand new sea-view apartment spanned over a sprawling 3000 sq ft is ideally perched in the heart of Havana. If you are one of those who incline towards a quiet location, this is your place! Although within close proximity lays an array of restaurants, bars and shops.

Perched on the eleventh floor of a recently developed building, the four bedroom apartment offers bright interiors with a sense of traditional surroundings. The massive apartment entails a wide living room, cosy dining room along with two indoor parking’s and the beauty of the lot – an outdoor condominium outdoor pool.

Craving a video arcade – think twice. The living room is well stocked with video games and a play station, and to top it off, a premium stereo system. A large window opens on to the main terrace with breathtaking views of the Malecon. The dining room comes stocked with a wine cellar and can accommodate 24 people. At $750 a night, this sweet apartment is at your disposal.
[Ocean View Apartment]