The flower-shaped Expo 2020 lake in Dubai is going to blow your minds away

In lieu of recent events, visiting Dubai might not be a good idea but that doesn’t mean we cannot get excited about what’s coming our way in October 2020. Expo 2020 will be here before we know it and after we win our battle with the ongoing coronavirus debacle we will rejoice and prep for the ‘World’s Greatest Show’ that unveils on 20 October 2020. To understand the awesomeness of this event, one can marvel over the man-made Expo lake. The lake was photographed by a talented Dubai-based photographer named Mostafa, who goes by the Instagram name @100.pixels. His picture revealed a beautiful creation called The Lake of Expo, made using a lake, trees, and sand to resemble the Expo2020 logo. For those who are already excited by the idea can explore it on Google Maps until you actually get a chance to visit. If you live close by and want to explore this awesome expo lake, you can head along the D63 route, past the Last Exit and by turning right on the road that also leads to Al Qudra Lakes you will find yourself on the right path and getting closer. At the moment we are not sure if this would be visible from incoming flights to Dubai but we are very much hoping that passengers can get a glimpse of this amazing sight from the skies, said a spokesperson for the PIA.The Dubai Municipality is behind the special project and has designed it for the upcoming mega event in October. It is currently open for public access, allow google map to take you to the flowery-structure on the map.

A cultural extravaganza that will bring the world together…
The Expo 2020 is just six months away and hopefully, we will curb the coronavirus outbreak to enjoy the biggest show which unites innovation heavyweights from around the world, explores the world’s flora and fauna and where talent flourishes in the expo pavilions. The event could easily be the best you will attend in this lifetime as so much is in store; a jam-packed program of live performances including world-famous stars, comedy greats, local talents, and touring attraction are all assembling under one roof to make it memorable. The expo 2020 will bring cultural experiences from five continents together in the form of Digital theatre and dance routines, acrobats and poetry slams, fashion shows and roaming entertainers which without a doubt are among the best in the world.

Expo 2020 to address important world issues
I am certain you can’t contain your excitement and are making plans for the upcoming Expo2020. As mentioned above there is so much fun in store but what we are totally fixating over is Cartier and its own stand-alone pavilion dedicated to women. This time it won’t be about their products but about women and to inspire and empower global citizens to create a better future for women. For visitors who are worrying if all these plans will go down the drain owing to the Coronavirus outbreak should know Expo 2020 Dubai, is on track and set to attract millions of visitors and showcase Dubai as a global destination. Authorities are vigilant and hoping this won’t wreak havoc on the mega event. Let’s wait and watch this space for more updates.

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