The golden age of luxury flying is here and airlines are finding new ways to pamper passengers

Luxury travel is scaling new heights after a lull that it faced a few years ago. From newly designed seats, to extravagant apartments in the sky the airlines are all out to attract the crème de la crème to fly with them. First class seats were once considered to be white elephants and were believed to be on their way out, but aviation data analysis companies show a 34% increase in first class travel in the year 2014 as compared to 2009. Today, worldwide there are about 86 million first class seats on all flights.

etihad-first-classFirst class travel is all about the comfort and well being of the passenger, its all about their personal space, gourmet food, electronic gadgets, personal butler service, luxurious and soft linen et all.

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etihad-residence-suite-residence-1The Residence which is a three room apartment board the Etihad Airways with your personal chef and butler is the most opulent of them all. It seems like price is no bar for those who wish to fly in the lap of luxury. A one-way ticket from Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow costs $20,000 and they are sold out for the first ten flights! For those who find this price daunting can opt for the Etihad First class which is an experience in itself.

emirates-3The airlines realize that with so much competition they have to surpass their competitors and come up with something unique and extra to offer to their fliers. Air France offers a private limousine transfer from the lounge to the aircraft, whereas Lufthansa takes it a step further and their first class passengers can take a Porsche out for a spin while they wait for their flight.

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air-france-la-premiere-first-class-1-1050x700The East and Middle East carriers seem to be ahead of Europe in this rat race though Air France has just launched its new first class cabin La Premiere, two months ago in Shanghai, and Air France has promised to have Chinese staff both on board and in its Pars lounge.

ba-first-classBritish Airways is coming out with their brand new first class seat in soft hand stitched raven black leather. With all the airlines scrambling to get the better of the other we guess it’s the fliers that are now going to be spoilt for choice.

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