An Insider’s Guide – Sri Lanka – a Major Up and Coming Destination in 2015

Sri Lanka is seen as one of the up and coming destinations for 2015 and beyond. Head back six years or so and this would not have been the case. An often-brutal civil war left the country with many problems and ensured that only the very brave would travel to the beautiful island. However, with the civil war at an end, the island is beginning to boom again, yet travel packages for luxury resorts remain at very decent prices.

Of course, while a luxury villa on the beach is tempting, there still needs to be something other than the stunning paradise beaches that explains why tourism has increased by 30% every year since the end of the civil war. Luxury Launches delves into the wonderful island to bring you an insider’s guide of what to do and where to go.
Best Cultural Trip:
Sri Lanka is an island which is rich in culture and one with a diverse history for visitors to the island to discover. The tea is one such attractive feature that entices guests to the island. Responsible for nearly 23% of all global tea exports, the island has become famous for being of excellent quality, such as the Ceylon Virgin White Tea, which is now one of the most expensive and exclusive teas in the world. Packages to visit the various tea plantations are easy to find in Sri Lanka and tours tend to include tasting sessions.
Best Activity:
Aside from tea, surfing is another highlight of the island. Visitors should be aware of where the best destinations are for surfing before booking any accommodation on the teardrop-shaped island. The east coast tends to be better between May and October, whilst the best west coast surf can be found between the months of December and April. The island boast beaches for surfers of all levels, from beginner to highly challenging surf and large waves of 4-7 metres in height.
Best Dish:
Aside from a surf culture and the fantastic tea, the people and their cooking are a complete draw to Sri Lanka. The prominence of Buddhism is important in the attitude of the people, who tend to be very calm and extremely friendly to outsiders. The national dish of the country is curry, served with rice and cooked with a variety of meats or prawns. The abundance of fresh vegetables and fish ensure that the traditional cuisine is made with the top ingredients.
Best Sport Trip:
Sri Lanka’s culture was of course influenced by its time as a British colony. This is one of the major reasons that it has such an abundance of great quality tea and why the population loves cricket. Cricket is by far and away the most popular pastime on the island, and it is certainly worthwhile coinciding a holiday to the island with taking in a test match.
Best Place to Relax:
Sri Lanka is a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. It is a place where you can forget about the world and just enjoy the pure beauty of the pristine nature and the long stretches of sandy beaches adorned with swaying palms. If you are looking to stay at a superb place, which will let you truly unwind, try renting a villa on the island. Sri Lanka villas have become a true hit with the tourists lately as they are affordable and boast stunning views in truly serene settings. Sri Lanka villas for rent come with numerous services: you can ask a local man to climb a palm tree to get coconuts for you or you can have the villa staff arrange a whale-watching trip or a massage for you, the list goes on.
Best Kept Secret:
Not many people will have heard about the festivals in Sri Lanka. Yet, the island hosts numerous festive celebrations throughout the year. Every month there is either a religious or cultural celebration on the island, which makes Sri Lank a place with one of the highest number of celebrations and holidays worldwide.

The most important cultural festival in the country is the Sinhala-Tamil New year festival in April, which marks the beginning of the New Year and the end of harvesting season. Other prominent festivals are Vesak in May and the Esala festivals in Kandy and Kataragama in August. You won’t regret visiting one of the colourful celebrations on the island as they show the true culture of the island.