The land of Pharaohs and Pyramids – Here are the top places to visit in Egypt in 2020

While the year 2020 starts, people start to surf the websites for the most sensational places for touring because it is the start to a fresh new year and why not make merry it while it lasts; so it does become a pretext for a prodigious family trip which then becomes a lifetime experience.
We introduce you to the country which is fairly known for its historic adventures, and yet is known to be one of the oldest countries that have been a travel destination since the idea of tourism started. There might be many guesses, but if you thought of ancient Egypt then you did hit the dart on the bullseye.

Great Egypt has a history that fascinates all, and thus it attracts tourists more and more. The tourists who visit this exceptional country talk about the great pyramids, the beautiful temples, well, Egypt is not just an ancient country which draws historians but it also comprises of extraordinary beach resorts just lined up the coast of the Red Sea, which is the real crowd puller. This is not all, once you land in Egypt you can do every possible thing, like trekking the Sahara desert and finding the spring oasis comprising of freshwater that startles everyone, or go for scuba diving, and knowing such excursions really draw people to go for a trip to Egypt.

Well, there is fun for all whether they are archeology lovers or destination lovers, fill your space up in the hype of Tour de Egypt. Settle your flights and pack your bags as the list of The Top Places to Visit in Egypt in 2020 we are going to mention below is going to pull your socks off.

Hurghada is known to be an ancient yet the most famous resort in all of Egypt. The colorful and inexplicable Red Sea world spreads offshore and is home to fish life and different corals. These are two of the major characteristics of this place that brought worldwide attention to Hurghada. Back on the ground, the fishing settlement that was once quite tiny has now transformed into a resort city hence catering a great deal of tourism. Northern Europeans contribute most to the tourism influx of Hurghada as it is considered to be the last stop for winter-escape. With white sandy beaches and a cover of blue sky all year round, it is not surprising why people love to visit Hurghada, excessively. Flopping on the beach, water and also on dry land tends to catch much attention. All the sand patches of Hurghada have been claimed by the resorts on its shore-side. There are extravagant resorts that outspread throughout the coast as far as the eye can see. Even if you are not a guest in one of the hotels, almost all resorts offer access during the day. To really enjoy the beach life of Hurghada, tourists are highly recommended to book themselves in a resort for a couple of nights.

The Giftun Islands are the most visited boat excursions where there is also an opportunity to go for snorkeling and sunbathing. For those who do not prefer scuba diving, they have easy access to the coral reefs all around the shore. Straits of Gubal, a slender water strip in between the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea Coast is another exciting place to visit in Hurghada. It is the country’s most popular destination for diving. Other famous places that treasure an enticing experience in Hurghada include Sindbad Submarine, Desert Jeep Expeditions, and Quad Biking, Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Sites, Hurghada Aquarium and many others.

Siwa Oasis
Siwa, the serene oasis of Egypt is also the most energizing of all places encompassed by magnificent date palm plantations. The oasis has a myriad of freshwater springs giving the Western Desert a mind-blowing view from every angle. It is also known as an urban oasis lying between the Great Grand Sea and the Qattara Depressions. The town also borders the dominant ruins of a mud-brick citadel. The Siwa oasis would give an excellent kick-start to your tour ahead of which you can plan your adventures into the adjoining desert. The Temple of the Oracle, Bir Wahid, ruins of the great Shali fortress and the Darb Siwa are few of the main highlights of the Siwa Oasis tour.

Siwa was once greatly recognized by the Temple of the Oracle while Bi Wahid is a sulfurous spring present on the shores of the Great Sand Sea. With white sandy beaches and water as clear as crystal, people it is believed that Cleopatra may have bathed herself in the calm waves of Mara Matrouh – a resort town on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. The Mountain of the Dead, also known as Gebel al-Mawta embodies many tombs that are neatly carved into the mountain. Back in the late 19thcentury, the Siwa Oasis culturally remained much isolated from other places of the country.

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However, presently it has turned out to be quite popular as a travel destination. It has caught much attention from the vacationers as they enjoy the countless freshwater springs. Strolling through the palm groves and exploring the prehistoric mud-fortresses is a high point of the Siwa Oasis; the beautiful Siwa Oasis will surely make you plan a trip to Egypt.

Islamic Cairo is the heart of great Egypt, and thus it serves as the capital of Egypt too. It is a truly historic place, and one can find all kinds of amusements even when there is crumbled architecture all around, it still manages to be worth the popularity as it continues to sing about its monuments and lives of ancient Egyptians. It is a city that is lusher with madrasas, mosques, mausoleums, and even the very famous Khan el Khalili, a market which is well known for artisans and coppersmiths with their compact stalls and workshops and is rich with Egyptian textiles, ceramics, perfumes, and spice, everywhere you look is just a splash of colors.

This is not all around the Khan el Khalili there are the utmost striking Islamic empires and carefully carved architecture, and is also renowned as a place where tourists get mesmerized in exploring the history. Make sure that you make Sultan Hassan Mosque and Al Azhar Mosque as your stop because no one would like to miss the detailing of such breathtaking places; also Bab Zuweila is also worth stopping by because as you creep up the rook of the medieval gate you can have the look of your life, as you can gaze at the panoramas that especially are minaret stippled all around the district.

Set trips accordingly because Islamic Cairo will need more attention as there is so much detail that it stuns people and let the tourist get lost in the beauty of ancient architecture and the noble history; then why not take a chance to be astounded.

Giza Necropolis/ Pyramids of Giza
The Pyramids of Giza are one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and are also is a landmark that is very popular amongst a whole lot of the people and one cannot forget visiting them when they go for a Trip to Egypt; thus which makes no Egypt tour complete without visiting the famous Pyramids of Giza. Pyramids of Giza including the Sphinx are situated in the southwest vicinity of Cairo, Egypt. These pyramids are mainly the tombs for the pharos that have ever been in Egypt, and the complex architecture and built of such huge structures always leave the tourists in awe; The Pyramids of Giza took at least three generations to construct. These pyramids thus make the dead pharos an astounding sight that cannot be missed.

It is not just the great pyramids but there are a number of monuments that include temples, causeways and queen pyramids, all these attractions are able to draw a large number of tourists each and every year, it is also known that people visit the Pyramids of Giza over and over again but in their sight, the great pyramids never lose its magical insight.

It is not just the attraction of the Pyramids that have been situated there but also has a museum known as the Solar Boat Museum that is on the south side of the Great Pyramid. This museum showcases the solar boat, which people believe was used by the pharaoh for his regular trip with the sun all across the sky.

All of us have seen the Pyramids of Giza in books and on the internet, but having a tour on your own is an experience that can’t be fulfilled in any other way, then do not miss to visit such a place.

Luxor’s Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings
Luxor is one of the most marvelous city which in the early times was known as Thebes, while it was divided in two by the River Nile, the east side of the river has the Luxor’s Karnak Temple while the west side has the Valley of the Kings. The Temples of Karnak and Luxor are highly dominating temples of the city that draws most of the tourists towards them, it is because of the luxurious architecture, the sleek pillars that are designed in a way that embraces the true powers acquired by the pharos of the time and also the walls of the temples are fully elaborated with ornaments.
The Temple of Luxor is present downtown just near where the cruise boats dock. While entering the temple there is a monumental or pylon gateway that is extremely huge, and on either side of the gate, there are the kings’ statues.

Moving three kilometers away the Temple of Karnak is found, which ought to be the greatest religious temple to be ever built. The Temple of Karnak was built over almost eight centuries, it has some splendid features that are never to be seen in any other monument; it has a number of halls, courts, statues and even a lake that is meant to be sacred. The Temple of Karnak has almost eighty thousand laborers, priests, servants and gardens which all are present inside the boundary of this temple.

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At this time of the century, Luxor’s Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings are such places in Egypt that cannot be compared to any other place in this world due to its salient features that can never be constructed in any way.

White Desert
A beautiful array of the Egyptian tour is the White Desert, which looks like aesthetic yet unrealistic mountains, made out of the snow with no well-defined shape and thus seem like snow piles in the barren sandy land. The White Desert is present almost twenty kilometers away in the northeast from Farafra. The white deformed mountains are made up of chalk that is somewhat cream or white in color and have formed and shaped by the surreal erosions of wind in a long period of time, which can count over to ages and so it also is added to the list of the Top Places to Visit in Egypt in 2020 due to its striking look.

This uncanny sort of place is one of the favorite places for tourists, who spend hours and hours just trying to understand the formation of the White Mountains, which surely does get them fascinated for long enough, and the people who love adventure and deserts at the same time are likely to visit the White Desert and have fun with the remarkable scenery, all the breathtaking views can only be adorned when you take a. Trip to Egypt.
Tourists love to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sculptured white mountains at the time of a sunset or a sunrise when the dim sun makes it look like the mountains have changed their colors. Yet one can’t go to Egypt and leave out the remarkable view of the extraordinary white mountains which give you once in a lifetime experience.

St. Catherine’s Monastery
The St. Catherine’s Monastery is one of the most ancient monasteries that have been found from all over the world, the St. Catherine’s Monastery is present in the bottom of the Mount Sinai which is a little bit away from Al Milga which is supposed to be a well-known settlement; Al Milga is some budgeted hostels and hotels, as well as some restaurants for people to stop by. This Monastery is said to be the place of a number of implausible religious art, iconography, and manuscripts which are still places in the museum on site. Whenever people visit St. Catherine’s Monastery they make sure that they climb up on Mount Sina and enjoy both the sunset and the sunrise.

The St. Catherine’s Monastery includes a top fascination that is known to be The Burning Bush, the local people of the place portray that the bush is meant to be a bush through which God had a word with Moses. The type of bush is Rubus Sanctus, and as it is quite sacred to the people it is being protected by a wall so that people do not snip it off.

Many of the tourists interested in history will really like to have a look at the library of the St. Catherine’s Monastery that hides in the most interesting yet the greatest text related to religion, but the defying part is that the library is not open to the public.

Who won’t want to dig up more history from the St. Catherine’s Monastery, visit the sacred sacristy, the mosque in the Monastery, the huge Monastery gardens and even the hallways that seem like a minor component with major value. Due to all the ancient amusements, we put St. Catherine’s Monastery in the list of The Top Places to Visit in Egypt in 2020

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Thistlegorm Dive Site
In Egypt, there is not just a fascinating world on land, but there is a whole world down in the sea that is a place worth diving into as it has just a different experience, and give you greater captivation than the tombs or temples or even the mountains. Under the sea, amongst the fish and the reefs, you can find the wrecked ships that have drowned long ago in the Red Sea’s Gulf of Aqaba and Gulf of Gubala. From all of the ships that have drowned in the sea, the well-known is the Thistlegrom, which was meant to be a cargo ship that was owned by an English WWII, which was moving to give more supply to the troops of British, but in halfway, it was blown up in 1941 by the Germans.

At this time the divers name this shipwreck so one of the top five wrecks dives it Is because of the vast amount of motorbikes, cars and the WWII collectibles which can be clearly noticed lying on the bed of the sea, and even on the inside of the wrecked ship.

Divers take you on the boat to the specific location and help you dive in and have a look at all the fascinating items, the experience if both memorable and a learning experience, you can even get pictures of yourself underwater, and who won’t enjoy it while they take a Trip to Egypt?

Alexandria is known to be the chief transportation and port hub, and is found to be on the Mediterranean Sea coast; this city was initially found out by Alexander the Great, it is meant to be the home city of Cleopatra.

The city of Alexandria was once known to be the biggest hostage of books, thus the biggest library found to be, which had 500,000 books and more; the library was soon destroyed when earthquakes took place in the early 14th century, but still remains of the place can be noticed.

Even with the ancient lit history, at this time of the world Alexandria has to offer a lot about the Greek past, and also the beautiful mosques and how can one forget the casino strip at the Corniche; as being a modern city, it is away from all the dust of the rest of Egypt and has many gardens built in to show off the beauty as well as some traditional and some modern hotels for all kinds of people, then book your hotels soon as Alexandria has made its way to the list of The Top Places to Visit in Egypt in 2020.

Dahab is present almost eighty-five kilometers from the north side of Sharm el-sheik that is present on the Gulf of Aqaba present near the Sinai and is a fascination for tourists who come to take a trip to Egypt. The Dahab was just meant to be a coastal village once upon a time but sooner by the late 1980’s it had purely become a hangout spot for hippies, and they also called it a resort on an alternative basis; the people had a casual style of using the Dahab. Later on, when people got more inclined they realized that Dahab could be a complete package for scuba diving, windsurfing, desert trekking, and rock climbing.

Due to all the mentioned activities, tourists love to move around this place enjoying and doing all activities. Enjoy the luxurious windsurfing on the shore as Dahab is well known to have the best wind conditions, which will make your tour be the best of all.

As it is proved that Egypt is not just about ancient and historic places, it is one of the countries with diverse engagements that people are going to love and all the bits of joy will surely make people have a Tour of Egypt as it is a once in a lifetime experience. Ready to be awestruck by everything you see around just as you step in Egypt. We have made you the most transparent list of The Top Places to Visit in Egypt in 2020, now it is your turn to book your tickets and board your planes.