The last word in holiday bookings is: FinalPrice

Vacations can take different forms; some are weekend getaways crammed with activities while others are exercises in lounging and hedonism that span weeks. No matter what kind of vacation you prefer, all travelers can benefit from a little planning in advance which can help you save money on hotels and flights and the place to save coins (and time!) is – a subscription-based holiday booking app available in the App store.

FinalPrice offers superior discounts even when compared to other booking sites and services. We decided to put that to the test and searched for a room at Kimpton The Muse New York near Times Square on New Year’s Eve (12/30 – 1/2). At the time of writing the room was for just $462 per night if booked with FinalPrice in comparison to the $588 on That’s a $126 savings in 1 night!

This is your one stop shop for discounts up to 30% on Flights, Hotels and Rental Cars for your luxury getaway. FinalPrice lets you collect frequent flier miles and other rewards points without any restrictions and you can share your account with family and friends and book for as many as 10 guests through one account on each itinerary. FinalPrice’s flexibility lets you add and remove travelers at any time.

Other benefits include the knowledge that all the recommendations and listings are curated thanks to the opinions and reviews of travelers just like you. FinalPrice also uses an AI to learn your preferences based on your travel history and itinerary.

While there are plenty of other booking sites out there, most of them have one thing in common, they charge you a surplus for every transaction that allows them to turn a profit. And while such sites do appear to help you save on individual transactions, when you add up the profit margin from every transaction you’ve made throughout a year, you realize that you have spent more than you needed to.

However, turns a profit through their subscription fees and not through hidden charges in the cost of your bookings, you can be certain that you’re getting the best possible price every time you book a hotel, flight or car rental. There are no hidden costs; you can enjoy wholesale prices without any markups and are guaranteed the best rates. This also means that regardless of whether you book 10 holidays in a year or just 1 you still save significantly.

The best part is that FinalPrice offers a money back guarantee which states that if you don’t earn your $99 subscription fee back in savings in your first year, they will refund you the difference.

We’re all about living (and traveling!) in luxurious style, but there’s definitely something to be said about shopping smart so you can get the most bang for your buck. If like us, five star is all you see, just use the filters to show you the best prices for the top hotels or select your favorite hotels to be shown first, in the destinations of your choice.

Use the QR code to or click here to download the app and start planning your next vacation. Get the best of 5 star luxury at budget friendly prices with FinalPrice.

Note – This post is paid for by Finalprice.

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